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Server Update 12th September 2017 - New year, vote rewards, Pvp and Spleef and a new moderator

Server Update - On new voting rewards, the PVP arena and Spleef

Hi everyone!

Since I messed with a bunch of stuff on the server, I thought it was high time for me to write my first server update, so here goes.

New School Year

As most of you will have noticed, Schools, colleges and universities around the Northern hemisphere have started again. To all those involved, the best of luck and enjoy! For the server it means that some timeslots are more quiet than they used to be. Luckily there are still enough people on in the afternoon, nights and weekends and quite a bunch of active newcommers. Welcome to all of you!

Vote rewards

Votes are really good for the exposure of the server and could really help boost our playerbase. We realised that the old vote rewards did not offer much encouragement. We hand out claim blocks for projects anyway and there are 2 enderman xp farms making xp bottles rather useless. Therfore we added some new vote rewards.
You still get 250 bonus claimblocks for each vote, but now you also get a "Vote Voucher" if you vote on both links on one day. These vouchers can be used to clear the weather once or make it day! They can be used on the signs at spawn. Just do /spawn and turn around.

There is also a "party reward": for every 100 total votes. Everybody that voted in that timeframe gets a mending book! To see the progress on the vote count do /vote party.

These rewards are still subject to change if we feel that they are too overpowered or still not enough encuragement.

I would aslo like to ask all of you to upvote the reddit thread, since that is our best source of new players.

PvP arena

The long awaited PvP arena is finally a reality! it was built by NavyDoctorDoom and Vantor and you can reach it via /warp pvp. Kit modes and other fun expansions will be added soon. Please follow the rules on the signs.


I built a Spleef arena for you all to enjoy as a break form the grinding. What is Spleef? Basically the goal is to make your opponents fall by mining blocks from below their feet. There are 3 game variants Slime, Snow and Magma. All 3 have a 1 and 2 layer version. You can reach the arena by using /warp spleef. Like everything on the server, the spleef arena is built in survuval with only the signup and the spleef floor itself being controlled by commandblocks.

New Moderator

As most of you have seen: NavyDoctorDoom is the newest moderator. Please welcome hm to the team!

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions about the new updates, dont hesitate to let me know.

Sincerely, BunnySlayer

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