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Large building project near 17351 68 -30024

Hello there!

So first of all, I know. I'm new on the server and already planning something big. but I have a reason for it. I want it to be something that most of the server's population can enjoy too. I'll release more teaser on the build as it proceeds.

It will be a big project and will therefore take a lot of place. Don't worry, it's far enough away from the closet claim. The nearest is 3000 blocks away. I would therefore like to ask that anyone who reads this will take note of the project that will arround the coordinates 17351 68 -30024.

The project itself will take a lot of resources, but I won't beg for any. if you want to donate then sure, go ahead, but if you want to help, then there will be a donations chest at a to be defined coordinate. If you do want to help the project, then there are a couple of tasks that you can help with. If you love mining, then I got the unpaid, but you get to keep the resources you want, job for you. Just ask.

if you do have questions, please ask. I'll be happy to answer any that I can.

Greetings Steak

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