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Server Update - 19th August 2017 - About the low TPS

Server Update (formerly known as Word of the Week) - On the low TPS, server payment

Hi everyone!

First of i would like to just say i will call this Server Update now instead of word of the week, since there isn't enough "stuff" to cover a word of the week with.


So first of all, what is TPS? TPS is ticks per second, and it is basically the server FPS. It ranges from 0-20. Acceptable range should be seen as 16-20 on a non pvp server.
That's a number we are having a hard time getting to when the server is loaded during peak times.

I am going to try different measures to counter this. Lower entity cramming (so you can't have say 5 gazillion chickens in 1 block), a lower render distance, less mob spawning.
This doesn't mean all these changes will be permanent. I will try different levels of different things, and see what works the best.
I hope you all understand and that nobody gets too rustled with these changes. I would like to point out that compared to other servers, this server is very generous with spawn rates (3x normal spigot) a high render distance compared to most servers, and a normal entity cramming setting.

Also if you have any machines that use a lot of redstone, i would encourage you to make it go slower. For an example, if you have a redstone clock, make it not tick every second, since this does cause some stress to the server.

Server Payment

So, this is one of those things i don't really like to do, but i guess i would have to now. As some of you may know, i'm currently not going to school with means i don't have a stable income (Danish education support). I can pay for the server due to me having very good savings.
However, if anyone would like to support, i would greatly appreciate donations through the store

The lowest premium tier is Premium Standard, which is 4.99$/month. To compare, that is the price of a twitch subscription.

I pay about 85$ for the server each month. 80$ for the machine, and 5$ for other services (donation system for example)

I know Premium might not be the most lucrative deal, but i do have to comply with the Mojang EULA. However i would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to contribute.

Sincerely, Jonassm

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