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Word of the Week - 18th July 2017 - First admin, modded server, wiki

Word of the Week - 18th July 2017 - BunnySlayer admin, a modded server, and some other stuff

Hi everyone!

Today i have some big news to share, and that is our modpack, created by me and some of you on Discord, called CubusTech.
We also have our first admin - BunnySlayer.


CubusTech is a very tech centric modpack, and runs on Minecraft 1.10.2.

You can read more about CubusTech on the "wiki"(read section under this one) or talk with us about it in #strictly-modded on discord.

It is currently in Beta, which means i will only allow Veterans, or Regular if you fill out a form (on Wiki, please look below)


I've created a wikipedia on google docs, where there is most information you will ever need to know about the server. I got the idea for this wiki, thanks to a player(whos name i forgot) who asked if there was a mega-doc for the server.

Check it out here:
In here you can also find out how to join CubusTech.

BunnySlayer as admin

As some may already have noticed, BunnySlayer is admin (and the first).
Bunny will serve as the guy you can go to if i'm not on. He can give claim blocks, restart the server, most stuff you see me do.

Silence from my side

As some of you may have noticed, the last word of the week is over a month ago. I generally have felt like there wasn't a lot to share. I'm still very invested in this community and logon daily.

There is also a 25% sale on Yearly Subscriptions on the store until July 23th.



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