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CrisisT47 is literally an insane person

edited June 16 in Minecraft

This Morning, just a shortly prior to posting this, crisisT "The Insane" 47 has done the unthinkable, he has trapped a wither inside a glass cage. In a stunning display of resentment toward crisisT47, the wither booted him off the server. Attempts by moderator Rose to tame the beast where met with further aggression as she too was booted off the server.

Both stood in shock and were helpless against the might of the Wither as they were unable to log back onto the server.
Finally the raw power of the monstrosity was too much for the server and it crashed. However, this was a mistake since it allowed crisisT47 to log back on and finally put down the last glass panes and naming the Beast "Alexandrew Hamilton"

This astounding feat shows that crisisT47 is indeed an insane force to be reckoned with, for he has tamed the beast.

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