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Word of the Week - 15th June 2017 - Update to 1.12, closing Anarchy

Word of the Week - 15th June 2017 - On the update to 1.12, and closing down the Anarchy server

Hi everyone,

1.12 Update

So first of all, we updated to 1.12 two days after the release, which i personally think is very well, compared to other servers update time.
There was some minor issues at first - most notably - dynmap was down.

Most bugs are ironed out now, and i'll be doing another updating roll tonight that will go into effect next restart. These are 6 plugin updates and a Spigot update. Notably, you will notice that opening Lockette iron doors with a tool is fixed, and Holographic text like that at spawn is once again working.

Oh, and a friendly reminder, since i've seen people talk about this.
Update your texture pack. Numerous people was saying they didn't notice the change in the color palette (colors are more vibrant), and people couldn't see the recipe book button on the inventory.

Closing anarchy

I'm closing anarchy. No players at all, and just didn't make sense. I will probably try to get a high player count on the main Survival server before i push out new servers.

Premium 1.12 update

Premium hasn't been updated to 1.12 yet, but i plan to update this week.


As always, i appreciate your continued support. If you have any issues, any questions, feel free to leave a comment, open a ticket on the server, or contact me directly on discord.

Sincerely, Jonassm

Owner of SimpleSurvival

EDIT: Oh, and sorry for not making a word of the week last week. I've been struggling with some personal issues.

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