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Word of the Week - 29th May - Anarchy & Premium ONLINE & Premium winner

Word of the Week - 29th May - Anarchy and premium online, post office

Hi everyone!

Anarchy & Premium


First of all i want to cover that Anarchy and Premium are now official up and running.

Anarchy is pretty simple, no rules. Hack, steal, grief, whatever. There are no plugins on this server. There is a basis anti cheat to disable flying and some other stuff, but no anti xray and so on.

Premium(which is only for Premium members), as i've stated before, is the same experience as on the normal Survival server (And chats are synced up so you can chat with people on the different servers) but in a epic setting.
If you want a taste of the world generation on the Premium server, here are some sample pictures:

Go Premium

Feedback form premium winner

Stamp wins 1 month of Premium! Thanks everyone for providing your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Post Office

Karasaar made a very nice post office, which will serve as a way to give items to other players. If you need a spot, contact Karasaar ingame. (Visit post office: /pw Karasaar)

Thanks for the continued support!

Sincerely, Jonassm


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