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Suggestion: Tone Down The Anti-Xray

So I really like the server, especially the community, the server performance, and the spawn rates. One thing I don't like is that my chest room, furnace, etc look ugly due to the anti-xray. It feels like if the cheats can make my base look ugly when I load in, then to some extent they have already won.

Suggestion: If it's possible, can chests be excluded or the distance increased a lot? All chests show up really is dungeons afaik, and when you're within 16 blocks with a minimap it's game over for hiding dungeons anyway. Right now you have to get a lot closer than 16 blocks for chests to show. In any case, surely anyone who is tunneling straight to dungeons from more than 16 blocks away is an obvious cheat and can just be banned? Well, unless they are lighting their spawn radius, in which case they'll find all dungeons that aren't completely buried regardless.


  • I will look into excluding chests.

    Since most chests are already visible with StorageESP due to the "mode" the anti xray is running on, i guess i can exclude it

  • also, entity tracking minimap isnt allowed...

  • edited May 29

    woops I can't track mobs? Sorry I have had it on, misunderstood the rules. I'll turn it off, and accept any punishment

  • No punishment, it's fine. haven't been too good at telling people no entity tracking

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