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Special Announcement - Moving to a dedicated server

Special Announcement - 7th May 2017

Move was finished 10th May 2017.

Moving to dedicated machine

Hi everyone,

I have some big news i would like to share with you! I've rented a dedicated machine, located in NYC, which we will be moving to in this week.

This means we will be moving from France to East Coast US, which will mean lower ping for our (majority) american playerbase.

I am unsure exactly when the move will happen, but there will be 2-3 hours downtime, since i have to move files over. I will make sure you have a 24h notice on the downtime however.

The current server location will stay online until the end of this billing period. However, the current location will be put in 'lockdown' and people who join that IP will be met with a screen telling them to change IP to

So therefore, make sure you are connecting to to ensure no issues.

Sincerely, Jonas

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