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Word of the Week - 19th April 2017 - Rule #1 change, PublicWarp, Town progress, Mod apps

Word of the Week, 19th April 2017

Rule 1 change, PublicWarp system, progress on the town, and moderator applications

Rule 1 change

Hi everyone,
Today we will be talking about the change to rule 1(and other stuff) as a result of the poll we had last week.

This change means:
Rule 1 goes from "No stealing or griefing, even in unprotected areas."
"No griefing. Stealing is allowed, and stealing of valuable blocks (ex. shulkerbox)."

Please note this change will first be put in effect 22th April to make sure everyone have time to protect themselves.

In terms of how to protect yourself, here's a few things:

How to use Lockette (locking of chests and doors)

How to use GriefPrevention (land claiming)

I've also made it so that you can get a max of 40000 claim blocks. This is a lot. You will have all these after 24 hours playtime.(1666 blocks per hour)
As always, if you need more blocks, please just ask me, create a ticket, or contact me directly on Discord.


Thanks to lagnat we are ready to introduce a plugin that is called PublicWarp.
This plugin is made to make it easier for players to share creations. It's basically a public /home.

Say i want to share a pyramid i made. I do /pwset - this sets my publicwarp.
So if anyone wanna come over there, they simple do /pw jonassm.

Please note: At the time of writing this, the plugin is not 100% ready. It should be before very, very soon however.(if you have permission to do /pwset, the plugin is functional)
Again, huge thanks to lagnat for developing this!

Moderator Applications

I'm now taking moderator applications, since im looking for a new moderator.

There are a few requirements:
Playtime over 24 hours (Regular)
Play atleast 15 hours a week (approx 2 hours a day)
Play between 6PM-11PM PST

Apply here

Town Progress

As most of you probably know, i'm working on a server town.
You can see it here: /warp servertown

I'm almost ready to give some plots out, if you want a plot there, please create a ticket (/ticket create)
The building rules are quite slim. Build in a standard minecraft town fashion (wood, stone, that kind of stuff)
Height limit is 15 blocks, and depth is 35 blocks


I've made a worksheet laying out what i want to do on the server, likely within 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for your continued support.

Sincerely, Jonassm, Server Owner

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