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Word of the Week - 11th April 2017 - Proposed #1 rule change, building contest(end), feedback forms

Word of the Week - 11th April 2017

Proposed change to rule #1(no griefing/stealing), building contest results, analyzing feedback forms


Hi everyone, Jonas here.

This has been a quite hefty week in terms of things behind the scenes. We've reached 24 feedback form answers, the building contest has been going on, and i've started to think about chaning rule #1.
I've also updated various plugins, and tweaked configs.
Notable changes are more griefprevention standard blocks(higher limit), two voting sites, voting for both triggers 10 XP bottles. I've also given the links usually in /motd actual commands. (/map,/forum,/website,/discord)

Proposed change to rule 1

Rule 1 currently says: No griefing or stealing, even in unprotected areas.

This is hard to enforce. Usually when stealing/griefing occurs, it is in abandoned places, and places where players haven't bothered to secure themselves, even with Private signs.

I want to change this rule, so that stealing is allowed in unprotected areas, however no major griefing of structures.
This is easier to enforce, and honestly, makes more sense. Players should put a [Private] sign on their chests, or secure their builds with GriefPrevention (where i ensure enough claim blocks).

With that being said, here is a strawpoll so you guys can vote on it:

Voting closes 16th April

Building contest results

Town hall winner:

Fountain winner:

Both winners will receive 50 XP bottles.

With that being said, none of these builds is exactly what i am aiming for in the city. I want to thank everyone for submitting their builds of course.

Feedback form analysis

Thanks to everyone who did /feedback! I just want to start by pointing out i will let this form and it's award(10 xp bottles) stand, as getting data is always nice.

I also want to say, that there are 24 responses, so there is obviously a margin of error. Just veteran+regular is about 75 players, this is not counting novices(theres 93 of them).

70% of the playerbase is over 20 years old.
20% is 17-19, and the rest (8,3%) is 14-16.

83,3% of our playerbase is male, 16,7% female.

Most people seem to be enjoying themselves quite a lot, most rate on the 1-10 of how they enjoyed the server an 8.

66,7% of our playerbase is in North America, this is odd compared to the server being located in France. Europe is 29%, with 1 person in East-Asia.

This is one of the reasons that i am considering, when/if we move to a dedicated server, to host it in North America, since Europeans generally have better internet than North America.(so they will have higher ping, but still very playable compared to some NA players)

I appreciate all feedback, and there is some things i want to take with me, although you will see those soon. There is not anything specific i want to mention, other than the feedback in general being very positive.

Closing statements

In closing, i also want to say i'm thinking of adding pets as a donation award. If this is added, people who have already bought packages will get a 80% coupon on a Pet purchase, or 20% coupon on their next package purchase.

Another thing about the store is i've initiated a 15% off sale through this week. (11th April - 16th April).

I know this post have been a long one, but there has been quite a few things to talk about.

And again, if you ever have questions, need claim blocks, or have a spicy meme you want to share, feel free to message me on Discord.

Sincerely, Jonas, owner of (play.)

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