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News of the week - 5th April 2017 - Feedback form and building contests.

Hi everyone!

Today we're covering the feedback form i made, and some building contests for the upcoming 'main town'.

First of all, the feedback form. I've setup a feedback form on google, where you can give me feedback on the server, and how to make it better. I will sum up the responses in next weeks post.
Click here for the form link.

Building contests!

So, as some of you may know, i am in the progress of planning out a main server town, where all players can build & meet. It is located nearby BlockyRadiations (soon finished) PVP arena.

Currently, i need a design for a city fountain, that is in a circle with a radius of 7 blocks.

You are ofcourse permitted to make this on your own creative save.

I need a design for a town hall, which could be say 45 blocks by 25. (Doors would be on the long side).
I need a design for a main road, and smaller form road, like an alley road.
All these designs should be favoring a more rustic, wooden/cobble, 'older' style of building, since this is what the town will have a main focus on.

Send the designs by simple screenshots through discord, if you do not wish to use discord open a ticket on the server with a imgur link.
The prizes for best design is 30 enchanting bottles and your name in the town hall building, in a appropiate location.

Last but not least

I want to say a big thanks to xShockWavex, BunnySlayer, and Rytis for donating to the server. Thanks to you, this month of the server is paid by you.

Thank you all, see you around.

Jonassm, owner & founder of SimpleSurvival


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