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Console Problems

Recently the server has been kicking people for "Blink" These 3 photos where all taken within a five minute period. It may be due to some major lag the server was experiencing.


  • I believe it is about hacked clients.
    Blink - Imagine this as a LagSwitch of sorts. The player turns this hack on, and it freezes their player position and all updates from the client, similiar to the hack 'Freecam', but when you re-enable it, the server is updated with all of your moving packets and other things of that nature, making you able to teleport you to places or appear as though you are speed hacking. Because of the nature of this being a "LagSwitch" it does indeed bypass NoCheatPlus to an extent (you can't go teleporting 500 blocks in one go) but you can still do some damage in PvP, being able to teleport around your enemy player, similiar to EnderPort, or to get away from your opponent, or to simply get through areas that would be very highly guarded (An example would be MineZ's dungeons).

  • Would like to note that somebody was complaining about lag for a bit too last night.

  • I can confirm it was probably related with the lag experienced yesterday.

    I had a plugin that was sending out error messages not every second, but probably every half second, if not less than that. All these messages was directly causing lag on the server.

    Most of these kicks are faulty, and also associated with high pings. I get a ton of 'warnings' daily from players that have a higher ping than 120ms.

    Most i give direct bypass of the anti cheat (most i have already validated as legitimate players).

    If you are having issues with a lot of kicks, random tp's backwards, open a ticket and i will give you bypass.

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Debug Trace

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