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Welcome to our forum! (and some other stuff)

First of all, welcome to our forum.

Thanks to rorman922 we now have a webpage(where the minecraft rules are listed), and thanks to some fiddling with SSL certificates, we now also have a good, simple forum.

As i stated just before, I got a SSL certificate (HTTPS) for this forum, so your user data is safe(password and so on)

The first two weeks

The first two weeks have been amazing. We have had a very good influx of players, and I am very grateful for everyone who has voted and spent daily time on the server, it means a lot that I have created something a lot of people want.

I've made two members moderators who have spent a lot of time on the server, both ingame and not ingame.
These are:

They have already issued some bans and did some secretive looking over shoulders, and i hope you will respect them as much as i do.

The future

In the future, a lot of great things are going to happen. We're going to have some community events, maybe some spleefing, who knows, hopefully we can build some great things together, and i hope we can get a server town up and running, potentially run by a player.

The boring stuff: Forum rules

No harrasment, no racism, no blatant trolling, no NSFW content, no spamming.. just behave.

Final words

For now, i hope you will use this forum and discord as much as you need, and i hope you create some friendships out there.

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