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Ender Dragon fight!!!

edited March 12 in Minecraft

I have collected the materials to re-summon the ender dragon. if you would like to fight, I am doing it at 8:00 Pacific Time Zone 3/18/17. If you would like to fight the deal is I get all the xp, and some of everyones dragon breath. Don't worry I wont take very much at all. See you there!


  • Comment "I'll be there!" I you wanna come.

  • I am changing the date to 3/12/17 2:00. Keep checking on these messages I may have to cange it agaon :P

  • Well I was not on at that point in time but I hope it was a success

  • edited March 14

    It was. I will try to include u next time. Also I have an awesome banner to give u next time u are on :)

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