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End & Nether wipes, Donations

Hi everyone,

Today we're gonna be talking about end & nether, and if they should be wiped or not, and donations.

And another note: If you are currently using the direct IP( or to connect, please change your connection path to

We will eventually move away from as a direct connection, and if we ever go to a dedicated server, the direct IP will no longer work.

Nether & End wipes

So i've been talking with Bunny and Rorman(moderators) about whether or not we should have wipes in the end, maybe even nether, every 3 months or so to 'freshen' it.

Personally, i'm against it for Nether but for it when it comes to the end, to make Elytras and Shulkers more available.

In terms of the nether i'm against it because people usually have bigger projects in the Nether, and i will also make claims available in the Nether soon.

But anyhow, please go ahead and vote on the matter:


I am working on implementing a donation system. Now, first of all, i want to say this:

Donations will only go towards server payment and upgrades, and never towards personal use.
Donations will go to server payment, and in cases of extreme turnover, personal use and smaller payments to staff members.

Donations will not give ingame items, or in any shape or form give donators advantages, either by special permissions (for example, multiple homes). Or by special treatment of administrative work (in situations where a player can be banned). Even though, of course, in general, donators are appreciated, and shows appreciation and dedication towards the server.

Now, what i want to ask is:

What should be in these packages in terms of cosmetic items.

I already know that i will be giving the option to have a Donator prefix. But what exactly do you guys want, and for which price? There is of course hats, player trails, and so on. I'm all ears, just tell me what you think.

At last, i want to close with, the reason i'm opening this donation system is because i eventually wanna move to a dedicated server(not a shared host, which i what i'm using now).
So we're able to work with the growing playerbase, and eventually have 150+ slots instead of 40.

Founder and owner of

Oh yeah, one last thing. I would like another moderator that is able to be online from about 6-11PM EST, if you think you could be up for this, please explain why to:

Please note that i do not think i will promote anyone as of right now, but i will place your name on a shortlist.
ALSO note that if you wish to get a mod spot on the server, discord presence is greatly appreciated since i can 'validate' your personality as something fitting.


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